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Re: Accidental filename case conversion on Cygwin

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  • Corinna Vinschen
    Hi Bram, ... Sounds good. While I m sure it s lowest priority for other Unix based OSes, I m still wondering if that wouldn t also make sense for Linux and
    Message 1 of 19 , Nov 19, 2005
      Hi Bram,

      On Nov 19 17:39, Bram Moolenaar wrote:
      > Corinna Vinschen wrote:
      > > I got reports on the Cygwin list, that the new vim 6.4 would accidentally
      > > change the case of filenames, if the filename case was different when
      > > loading the file. Well, that sounds complicated... just try this:
      > >
      > > $ touch X.sh
      > > $ ls
      > > X.sh
      > > $ vim x.sh
      > > :w
      > > :x
      > > $ ls
      > > x.sh
      > >
      > > With vim 6.3, the case was still correct afterwards. How can this be
      > > fixed?
      > As you mentioned later, this isn't new in 6.4, it's the same as in 6.3.
      > A workaround is to set the 'backupcopy' option to "yes". Then at least
      > the file name won't change. The backup may have different case though.
      > As Vim was originally made for the Amiga, which also has a
      > case-preserving file system, code in Vim is present to handle the
      > situation. I'll see if it can be enabled for Unix builds for Mac OS/X
      > and Cygwin.

      Sounds good. While I'm sure it's lowest priority for other Unix based
      OSes, I'm still wondering if that wouldn't also make sense for Linux
      and other OSes, which have drivers for FAT/NTFS/HPFS, etc?


      Corinna Vinschen
      Cygwin Project Co-Leader
      Red Hat, Inc.
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