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Re: Omni completion

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    ... It already works a little bit for C++. What is required is the C++ specific things, such as recognizing ::. I don t really know enough about C++ to do
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 5, 2005
      Aaron Griffin wrote:

      > I'm really looking forward to a fully functional omni completion, for
      > what it's worth.
      > Just a couple questions:
      > 1) The current docs indicate it only functions for C. What is
      > required to make this work for C++ as well (and other languages,
      > actually - what is required from a generic standpoint?)

      It already works a little bit for C++. What is required is the C++
      specific things, such as recognizing ::. I don't really know enough
      about C++ to do this properly, thus hopefully someone picks up the C
      implementation and adds the C++ things. However, I'm still improving
      the C stuff.

      > 2) Completion works in non-gui mode, but I know it was planned to have
      > a curses-esque window popup. Any news on this? I'm just curious.

      What is a curses-esque window?

      For various GUIs a nice popup window should be used. This can be added
      per GUI. This always takes a lot of time to implement if you are not
      familiar with the GUI libraries, thus it would be best if various people
      do this. I probably have to help with the first one, since display
      updating will be different when not using the popupmenu code.

      > 3) I know exuberant-ctags was patched to include a scope qualifier.
      > Is this required for all supported languages? If so, is there any
      > parallel work being done on this?

      Currently this is only for C and similar languages. I'm not sure it
      also works for Java.

      Darren Hiebert apparently didn't have time to add the code yet...

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