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Re: Java/Eclipse integration

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  • Nate Cole
    Please post as a VIM tip. ... __________________________________ Yahoo! Mail - PC Magazine Editors Choice 2005 http://mail.yahoo.com
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 3, 2005
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      Please post as a VIM tip.

      --- Pavel Tavoda <pavel.tavoda@...> wrote:

      > About year ago I was trying best way how to integrate Java with
      > VIM. I found
      > one simple way. On net are available ANSI
      > terminals/interpreters writen in
      > Java. If you redirect stdin/stdout of standard command line VIM
      > to java
      > terminal this looks like graphical VIM with all features
      > (syntax
      > highligting....). If somebody is interested I should look into
      > my archive
      > for working sample.
      > Shouldn't be this option for possible VIM integration to
      > Eclipse? Of course
      > in VIM editor you can forgot all existing advantages of Eclipse
      > Java editor.
      > Regards
      > Pavel

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