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Re: compile failure in spell.c (7.00aa.0136)

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  • Tony Mechelynck
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      Subject: Re: compile failure in spell.c (7.00aa.0136)

      > If I would design a language I would clearly separate predefined symbols
      > from user symbols... Actually, I wouldn't use header files at all.

      ALGOL (the ancestor of all "structured" languages).

      In the version of Algol I used several decades ago on the CDC series-6000 at
      the university, all reserved words (begin, end, if, else, etc.) had to be
      bracketed in "not equal" signs. In David McCracken's "A Guide to ALGOL
      Programming", reserved words were in bold with a mention in the Introduction
      that (quoting from long-ago memory) "the method to distinguish reserved
      words from user words is implementation-dependent". So in both cases
      predefined symbols and user-defined symbols occupy different namespaces.
      However, compiler-defined function names were not regarded as reserved
      words, so maybe this is still not exactly what you have in mind.

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