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Re: Bug in ctrl-x s spelling suggestion cycling

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Chris - ... I see the problem. Looks like only the second the is used as the bad word. I ll look into it. - Bram -- From know your smileys : [:-)
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 24, 2005
      Chris -

      > I love the new ctrl-x s bindings for spelling error fixes, but there
      > seems to be a bug somewhere. Using the build from today's CVS the
      > two-word error "the the" is not changed by using ctrl-x s. Using
      > ctrl-n once gets the first actual match, and ctrl-p goes back to "the
      > the" for two places (once as match 1, once as the original).
      > This appears to be the case for all two-word errors I can think up: "a
      > a", "an an" -- I'm not very creative ;) I am using en_gb, just in
      > case it makes any difference.

      I see the problem. Looks like only the second "the" is used as the bad
      word. I'll look into it.

      - Bram

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