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Re: rare prefixes

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    ... Yes. ... OK. ... That s about the encoding of the output file. The idea is that when encoding is utf-8 then we know what characters are word
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 5, 2005
      Moshe Kaminsky wrote:

      > > I also make the .spl files available on the ftp site (for those people
      > > who can't or don't want to build .spl files themselves):
      > >
      > > ftp://ftp.vim.org/pub/vim/unstable/runtime/spell/
      > >
      > > Please have a look at the Hebrew one and provide me with files/patches
      > > for runtime/spell/he/. I'll also generate an iso-8859-2 one, but I
      > > doubt that it's valid (my FreeBSD system doesn't have a iso-8859-2
      > > locale for Hebrew).
      > Did you mean iso-8859-8?


      > I can generate them, but again, we first need to choose the input.


      > > Adding the UPP/FOL/LOW lines in the .aff file will help.
      > I had a question about that. The help says that they need not be
      > specified when the encoding is UTF-8. I guess we're talking about the
      > encoding of the input files, not the 'encoding' option, right? I thought
      > this information is available in some Unicode tables.

      That's about the encoding of the output file.

      The idea is that when 'encoding' is "utf-8" then we know what characters
      are word characters, this doesn't depend on the locale. However, I just
      fixed a bug that 'iskeyword' would be used.

      When 'encoding' is iso-8859-8 then Vim would have to is isalpha() to
      find out what characters are word characters. But isalpha() depends on
      the current locale, thus this only works when the system has a Hebrew
      locale for iso-8859-8. Mine doesn't. I can still set 'encoding' to
      iso-8859-8, but isalpha() won't work properly. That's what the
      UPP/FOL/LOW tables are for.

      > Anyway, in Hebrew there is no case at all, so I thought it can be
      > omitted. I saw that I had words marked as having wrong capitalisation,
      > so I guess that's not true. I'll just add three identical lines.

      That should be fine. They will then only be used to recognize word

      > BTW, the anchor *hl-SpellCap* is missing under *highlight-groups*.

      I'll add it.

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