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Re: Bug: 6.3a - $VIM incorrect

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    ... vim63a is the name of the runtime directory. When it s found it is removed from $VIMRUNTIME to obtain $VIM. This is simple and consistent. I m not
    Message 1 of 17 , May 12, 2004
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      Ron Aaron wrote:

      > OK. This is simply wrong behavior, because it is unexpected:
      > (Assuming VIM doesn't exist in the environment) gvim -u NONE will show $VIM
      > as :
      > case 1: c:\vim\gvim.exe $VIM is "C:\VIM"
      > case 2: c:\vim63a\gvim.exe $VIM is "C:"
      > case 3: c:\vim63a-ron\gvim.exe $VIM is "C:\VIM63A-RON"
      > In my humble opinion, case 2 is aberrant behavior and is contrary to what the
      > user expects, based upon the ":help $VIM" help and logic.
      > I understand that you assume people will install to c:\vim\vim63a and not to
      > c:\vim63a, but penalizing those who do does not make sense. It would be
      > trivial to check that $VIM is not just "X:" unless that is really where vim
      > is installed.
      > Please reconsider changing this. I tried to change my startup script to
      > update $VIM to the correct place in my _vimrc file, but it seems vim never
      > sees my _vimrc file even though it is in the directory where gvim.exe is,
      > because the startup code in vim helpfully decides $VIM should be "C:"

      "vim63a" is the name of the runtime directory. When it's found it is
      removed from $VIMRUNTIME to obtain $VIM. This is simple and consistent.

      I'm not going to change this. We have had a long discussion in the past
      about the directory structure. This was the best solution. Changing it
      now may be nice for some people, but will cause trouble for others.

      Just use the recommended directory structure and you'll be fine.

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