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Re: Comments feature request *again*

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  • Benji Fisher
    ... I only meant the sort of thing below. ... There are feature requests as well as bugs to be fixed there. I think there is a more recent version on
    Message 1 of 12 , Nov 18, 2003
      On Tue, Nov 18, 2003 at 08:13:38PM -0600, GI wrote:
      > > > will do! i might just rewrite from ground up, in which case i'll
      > > > upload it to www.vim.org/scripts
      > > May I not-so-humbly suggest using matchit.vim as a model?
      > Hey. so I looked at matchit.vim. I'm not sure how i can extract comment
      > markers from the info there ...

      I only meant the sort of thing below.

      > > It is customized by using buffer-local variables, which can be defined
      > > in filetype plugins.
      > unless ofcourse you meant the general structure of buffer-local
      > variables, which can be defined in filetype plugins. that sounds like a
      > neat idea, and i was thinking along those lines. as you pointed out,
      > defaulting to commentstrings might be a good alternative to icky huge
      > if/elseif trees. this issue was raised previously, and i'll go read
      > peoples objections to it. also if anyone has current objections / words
      > of wisdom, please let me know. i'm a vim-dev newbie ;)
      > > Not only comment strings, but also flags for how to handle indenting,
      > > etc., can be customized this way.
      > yep. will try and keep in mind.
      > > Once the script works well, and many people start to use it, it
      > > makes sense to lobby for inclusion in the standard distribution. Since
      > > matchit.vim changes the default behavior of % , it is distributed under
      > > macros/ , but a script that only defines a few functions and commands
      > > might be made a standard plugin.
      > so is that the standard coding procedure? i have a few 'vim-newbie'
      > questions on that line: do you have any 'feature-list' kind of system,
      > where you assign people to tasks? how's the coordination done etc. i
      > searched hard on the website, and couldnt find any information.

      There is a todo list:

      :help todo

      There are feature requests as well as bugs to be fixed there. I think
      there is a more recent version on ftp.vim.org . Bram Moolenaar is in
      charge of the source code: he decides what goes into the standard
      distribution, and writes more of it than anyone else. Occasionally,
      Bram asks for help with a particular feature, but most of the time,
      someone just sees a need and fills it. Then there are the runtime
      scripts at www.vim.org , a much more democratic system.

      > i updated the mail.vim syntax file to highlight url's and quoted
      > signatures etc. i wasn't sure what to do with that, so i just uploaded
      > it to the scripts section. that ok? or should i have sent it somewhere
      > else?

      That is fine. If a script is small and only does
      stuff-that-I-could-do-myself-if-I-felt-like-it, it is unlikely to get
      much notice. If it is useful and interesting and clever, then a few
      people will give it good ratings, more people will try it, and so on. A
      little promotion helps, too. If you are particularly proud of it, you
      can announce it to the vim users' list, and you can mention it whenever
      someone on that list asks for a feature that you have implemented.

      Your contribution might get used more if you send it to the
      maintainer of the default syntax file. If he likes your additions, they
      will soon be included in the standard distribution, and lots of people
      will start using your ideas.

      Vim has a good set of design goals.

      :help design-goals

      Keep these in mind when making contributions, and remember that "It
      Would Be Nice If" is not considered a good enough reason to make
      something part of the standard distribution.

      HTH --Benji Fisher
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