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Re: Win32 gzip.vim always uses default fileformat

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    ... We have been trying to fix this, but apparently it still doesn t work properly. Charles, can you reproduce this problem? ... Thanks. I ll add this to the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 1, 2003
      Walter Briscoe wrote:

      > This is a problem which has been irritating me for a while.
      > I have not reported it before as it is cosmetic.
      > I compress a UNIX file. I open the compressed file. 'fileformat' is dos.

      We have been trying to fix this, but apparently it still doesn't work

      Charles, can you reproduce this problem?

      > I did find another problem with ":help todo". It is:
      > 8 In the gzip plugin, also recognize *.gz.orig, *.gz.bak, etc. Like it's
      > done for filetype detection.
      > I decided to fix what was asked. I did not make the analogous change for
      > .bz2.orig or .Z.orig. The change to do so is trivial and I expect Bram
      > will pick that up if he accepts the work at all :-)

      Thanks. I'll add this to the todo list.

      > More serious is a documentation "bug". I assume the report is new.
      > As I have already suggested, I don't know much about Vim scripting.
      > ":help file-pattern" returns
      > *file-pattern*
      > The pattern is interpreted like mostly used in file names:
      > * matches any sequence of characters
      > ? matches any single character
      > \? matches a '?'
      > . matches a '.'
      > ~ matches a '~'
      > , separates patterns
      > \, matches a ','
      > { } like \( \) in a |pattern|
      > , inside { }: like \| in a |pattern|
      > \ special meaning like in a |pattern|
      > [ch] matches 'c' or 'h'
      > I was pleasantly surprised after reading that to find that the following
      > works: "*.gz.[^.]\{1,\}". I suppose I can interpolate from [ch] to [^.];
      > the surprise was that "\{1,\}" was accepted.

      It's this line that applies:

      \ special meaning like in a |pattern|

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