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Re: os_mswin.c with Patch 6.1.421 does not compile from Make_w16.mak

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    ... [...] In other words: Passing an int pointer to a function that expects a long_u pointer. I ll include the fix. Thanks! ... Using int is fine, so long
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 4, 2003
      Walter Briscoe wrote:

      > >> In Vim 6.1.435, I am doing some work on transferring functionality to
      > >> gui_w48.c from gui_w16.c and gui_w32.c I tried running Make_w16.mak so I
      > >> could test gui_w16.c. I was surprised to get the following diagnostics:
      > >
      > >Yeah, an #ifdef FEAT_MBYTE was missing. Vince made a patch for it, I'll
      > >send it out asap.
      > I found another problem with Patch 6.1.421. I am sorry I missed it
      > yesterday. I applied the #ifdef FEAT_MBYTE change and got the following:
      > Warning .\os_mswin.c 1171: Suspicious pointer conversion in function
      > clip_mch_set_selection

      In other words: Passing an int pointer to a function that expects a
      long_u pointer. I'll include the fix. Thanks!

      > Of course, many years ago, I was told to avoid int in most
      > circumstances. I guess we are stuck with it in Vim :-)

      Using "int" is fine, so long as you take into account it can be anything
      from 16 to 64 bit.

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