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Re: keymodel=stopsel vs. Visual mode

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  • Daniel Elstner
    ... Right, that s what I meant by behaviour change . So, would it be OK to add another flag ( stopsel_selectonly maybe) or do I have to live with it? ...
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 1, 2003
      On Sam, 2003-03-01 at 21:46, Bram Moolenaar wrote:
      > Daniel Elstner wrote:
      > > I'd like to be able use both Windows-style select mode and traditional
      > > Visual mode. Thus I thought
      > >
      > > :set selectmode=key,mouse keymodel=startsel,stopsel
      > >
      > > is exactly what I want and I can still use v/V/CTRL-v to start
      > > traditional Visual mode. Unfortunately it's hardly usable for me since
      > > the cursor keys stop selection even if not in Select mode.
      > >
      > > The attached patch makes un-shifted movement keys only stop selection if
      > > the current mode matches the one used for "startsel". Would this be an
      > > accepted behaviour change, or is adding a "stopsel_select" flag to
      > > 'keymodel' preferred (provided the idea is accepted at all)?
      > It looks like, after this patch, it is not possible to have the old
      > behavior of a cursor key stopping both Visual and Select mode.

      Right, that's what I meant by "behaviour change". So, would it be OK to
      add another flag ("stopsel_selectonly" maybe) or do I have to live with

      > It's actually a bit difficult to understand how it works. That alone is
      > a reason not to do it this way.

      You mean the comparison of booleans? ;-)

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