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Re: Odd :ver behavior in RH 8.0

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    ... This is weird. I can t explain it. Did you try removing -O2 from the compilation, in case it s the gcc optimizer problem again? -- The term free
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 30, 2002
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      Aric Blumer wrote:

      > I can reproduce this problem in a fully patched vim61 that I compiled as
      > well as the RPMs at nirvani.org:
      > In a large gvim window with greater than 36 lines, when I enter :ver,
      > the information is displayed, then there is a beep, then it disappears.
      > If I make the number of lines 36 or less, it doesn't do it (I correctly
      > get the "Hit enter or command" message). The beeps are caused by the
      > cursor being moved down and reaching the end of the file. It seems to be
      > related to the number of pixels rather than number of lines, because
      > changing the font size changes when the problem occurs in terms of text
      > lines.
      > Also, one more oddity: If I cover a large portion of the gvim window
      > with another one, it behaves correctly. If I bring the gvim window to
      > the top without resizing it, the problem occurs again. Looks like it
      > might be a GTK problem--it never happens in a console with the same
      > binary.
      > Before I investigate more, can anyone reproduce this?

      This is weird. I can't explain it. Did you try removing "-O2" from the
      compilation, in case it's the gcc optimizer problem again?

      The term "free software" is defined by Richard M. Stallman as
      being software that isn't necessarily for free. Confusing?
      Let's call it "Stallman software" then!
      -- Bram Moolenaar

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