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RE: Vim and M$ Word

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  • David Morris
    As for word auto-formatting, I have long since figured out how to turn off all such word annoyances...some I simply don t ever want (auto-styles), and others I
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 9, 2002
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      As for word auto-formatting, I have long since figured out how to turn
      off all such word annoyances...some I simply don't ever want
      (auto-styles), and others I need off for specific tasks. I am fairly
      certain I could keep the two programs in sync. I had considered the
      fact that the scope of the project could be very large indeed if I
      allow the best features of VIM, but I had not thought of how slow COM
      objects are...I think you are right (unfortunately) that the
      everything would run far too slow.

      Oh well, it was an interesting thought. Perhaps someday I'll work
      with OpenOffice on a similar solution....


      "I might not agree with what you say,
      but I will defend to the death your right to say it!"

      Quoting Vince Negri <vnegri@...>:

      > > With VIM connected to Word, most of the document could
      > > probably map directly to the text file on a one-to-one
      > > basis. Those parts that don't, could probably be handled
      > > using some clever scheme of which I have a few ideas.
      > Some thoughts:
      > 1) What happens when Word does some auto-formatting
      > with the text Vim pokes in? How is Vim made aware
      > of what word is doing behind its back?
      > 2) Controlling Word via COM is not fast. (I've had
      > to use this approach once.) You could end up with
      > Word dragging Vim down to its speed.
      > 3) I have the nasty feeling that the two windows
      > would always end up drifting out of sync. Imagine
      > doing word-based cut and paste in Vim, while Word is
      > inserting and removing inter-word space intelligently.
      > 4) You might end up having to disallow so many Vim
      > features that you no longer get the productivity
      > boost you seek.
      > My impression is that this idea would only be workable
      > if one could get much tighter integration with the
      > word processor e.g. by working with the OpenOffice.org
      > code base, where there is a nascent project on adding
      > a WordPerfect-style "reveal codes window". Imagine
      > having a reveal codes window which was also an
      > embedded Vim window!! :-)~~~~~~~
      > Vince
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