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Re: Undo levels lost after :make

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    ... Setting the hidden options should do it. :make isn t really different from other commands when it comes to losing the undo info. -- ... /// Bram
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 2, 2002
      Milan Vancura wrote:

      > I have found a little problem with :make or :cn. After that cursor is
      > moved to the line of the first error/warning. If the error was in
      > another file than you have edited before, the file in current window
      > is automaticaly changed. You can still go back via ctrl-O, but all
      > undo levels are lost. This is bad because the time you need undo is
      > mostly when some error occurs :-)
      > I don't want to stop use these quickfix features, they are very good and
      > comfortable. So my idea of solution:
      > 1) look if the file with the next error is opened in another window. If so,
      > change the window instead of changing buffer in the current window.
      > 2) If the buffer in the current window must be changed, save the previous
      > buffer. What about mark this buffer as 'hidden'? Does it solve the
      > problem?
      > I hope this problem is solutable without adding any new special
      > modes/features to vim.

      Setting the 'hidden' options should do it.

      ":make" isn't really different from other commands when it comes to
      losing the undo info.

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