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RE: Vim 6.1 compiling

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  • David Sanders
    Thanks for the reply! I used the batch file and it worked. I am very new to all of this. I was unable to reproduce some of the errors I had been getting, I
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 27, 2002
      Thanks for the reply! I used the batch file and it worked. I am very new
      to all of this. I was unable to reproduce some of the errors I had been
      getting, I may have done something stupid.

      I tried executing by hand one of the test.in files that was failing - it
      worked fine. The problem is not a bug in vim but something else? I think
      some of my problems are the unix tools I'm running on winXP.

      Your batch files amaze me. I've been using a pc for a long time and never
      saw a batch file that was so complicated and accomplished so much!

      Thanks. David

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      >(cross posted on comp.editors)
      That's a clever trick! How do you achieve it?
      ->cut and paste

      I use W9X and the cygwin patch.exe. Given bugs in the "UNIX for Windows"
      diff.exe, I would not expect any patch.exe in it to work!

      I delayed responding to this until I downloaded the patches.
      ftp://ftp.vim.orq repeatedly disconnected me on Friday. This A.M., I had
      less of that problem and now have a set of files.

      >I am having several problems with Vim 6.1 compiling on WinXP with VC6:
      >1. I attempted to apply the patches 1-159, but they try to make
      >changes to files in the "runtime" directory which is not created by
      >the distribution zips vim61rt.zip and vim61src.zip. The patches
      >therefore fail.
      I would not be inclined to start from that point. You give partial URLs
      and require your reader to guess at their completion. I am not inclined
      to do. My suspicion is that you need an "extra" file rather than

      I have
      I downloaded ftp://ftp.vim.org/pub/vim/patches/6.1.???
      You can optimise this by using the 1-100 archive in place of the
      individual patches.

      I unpacked the two archives. A vim61 folder was created. I copied the
      patches to that folder. I found that patch -p0 < 6.1.001 worked.
      I deleted 6.1.001. To avoid a precedence problem with < in command.com,
      I created p.bat to hold the following line:
      patch -p0 < %1
      I ran the following:
      lfnfor on % long filenames in for: not needed in XP or NTX %
      :: Apply each patch in turn - I had previously checked order of names.
      %comspec% /c for %%? in (6.1.???) do call p.bat %%? > t.t

      I checked t.t and found everything had worked.

      >2. I can compile the sources without the patches (console), but it
      >fails the "nmake test". (fatal error U1077: 'diff': return code '0x1')
      That would not surprise me. Porting from UNIX to windoze tends to be a
      nightmare. You may like to investigate specifics.

      >3. When I tell it to use Perl (I have version 5.8.0) and dynamic
      >loading - I get an error saying dynamic loading does not work in
      >versions prior to 5.6
      Chapter and verse?

      >4. I can use the unix tarballs instead of the zips, succesfully apply
      >patches 1-159, and compile with VC6. I get a warning during compile
      >(normal.c (4165) warning C4018: '>': signed/unsigned mismatch). It
      What command do you run to produce this diagnostic?
      I have just tried the following in vim61/src after patches 001 - 165
      nmake -f Make_ivc.mak -n cfg="Vim - Win32 Debug gvim OLE" | find
      "normal" > t.bat
      :: t fails because oledbg does not exist. So I do
      mkdir oledbg

      This time the compilation of normal.c was successful.

      What do I have to do to produce the diagnostic? VC Service Pack level?

      >also fails "nmake test" and will not allow dynamic loading of Perl
      >5.8.0. The text files have the wrong CR-LF convention.
      Chapter and Verse?

      >I can succesfully use a pre-compiled binary, but I would like to make
      >my own with patches applied and dynamic perl/python support built-in.
      >Any suggestions?
      I suggest you start by learning to build a patched vim without those
      exciting extras. Then continue. I have a background activity
      investigating the inability to build perl in a W9X environment and
      comparing behaviour in NTX with W9X.

      I use the enclosed script in W9X to download, build and load the
      installation folder for vim. It is dependent on non-standard tools
      bzip2, gzip, tar and sed. I use sed to map x.y in a tarball filename to
      an xy foldername. You could probably do the same in cmd.exe. I try not
      to whinge too much at Bram about such trivia.

      I do not build ANYTHING in NTX for use with W9X because W2K is
      insanitary with short filenames. For example, if a tarball contains a
      file foo.bar, W2K generates a file whose W9X long filename is FOO.BAR
      rather than foo.bar. (The W2K long filename is foo.bar.) This causes
      grief with tools which are sensitive to filename case.
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