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vim.org reviewed and classified

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  • Ricardo SIGNES
    Friends: I ve gone through Sven s entire html tree, and am making a list of all the files, and to what extent they are or are not represented in vimonline.
    Message 1 of 36 , Mar 31, 2002

      I've gone through Sven's entire html tree, and am making a list of all
      the files, and to what extent they are or are not represented in vimonline.

      Working from this, I hope we can develop a proposed site tree for vimonline and
      begin work on fleshing it out.

      I look forward to hearing thoughts on how we can manage this project, and where I might be wrong. ;)

      -- begin --

      * addicted.html
      - 101 signs you're addicted to vim.

      Personally, I think we can lose this. It's not funny. It's like saying
      that the top way to know that you're a redneck is that your neck is red.
      Ha ha.

      * answ.html
      - not quite a FAQ, not quite a brief guide

      Something like this could be useful on the new site: a feature-oriented
      FAQ. I don't think we have one, really. This is something that should
      be integrated with the :help files and manual. It could be a FAQ with
      very simple answers and extensive linking into the manual.

      I don't think we have this, yet.

      * binaries.html
      - links to mirrors for binary distributions

      A page like this probably belongs under 'mirroring info' on the
      downloads page. As has been mentioned, the downloads page is a little
      overwhelming. (Also, why is there a weirdly-placed link in the left
      sidebar to a stats site in ?Swedish??) I know we have a list of mirrors
      on the 'why use vim' page, but it's not very user-friendly.

      * chall.html
      - apparently once intended to be a 'challenges' page

      This page seems entirely redundant. If nothing else, 'tips' replaces it.
      It might be interesting or amusing to /actually/ run contests to best
      solve a given problem, though. That kind of functionality seems best to
      leave for a second version of vimonline.

      * chat.html
      - links to vim IRC channels

      This is a good idea, and can probably go under 'support' as one or two
      lines of 'where to find good vim irc channels'

      * deve.html
      - vim development goals and 'mission'

      This is actually a really good page, though somewhat hard to follow.
      Things like this should be listed in the SourceForge project page,
      possibly as project documentation. It would be nice to get an idea of
      what vim is supposed to be and not be, in detail; also, it'd be nice to
      see where it is going.

      * dist.html
      - a list of vim distribution mirrors

      If we continue to use ftp.XX.vim.org, this is almost redundant, but a
      specific list isn't a bad idea, especially if it can be updated by the
      mirror maintainers as to speed, uptime, update frequency, etc.

      Sven's page is -really- long and detailed, but most of the detail could
      easily be displayed only when requested, to make the list easier to see
      at a glance.

      * docs.html
      * doc/
      * howto/
      - an overview of vim documentation

      Most of this is already covered by vimonline's documentation pages
      (vimdoc.sf.net), but that page needs to be brought in line with the look
      of vimonline. Also, more 'official' HOWTO like documentation should be
      listed -- things that are longer than tips.

      * download.html
      - where and how to download vim

      This is already covered.

      * features.??.html
      - a brief description of vim in 6kB

      The brief description in 6k is a nice running project, and should be
      maintained as part of vimdoc, probably.

      * hist.html
      - release dates of vim

      This 'brief history of vim' is nice, and should be expanded, I think,
      into more of a narrative history. Bram can write this in his copious
      spare time. :)

      I'm not sure where we'd put this. Possibly in an extended 'about vim'
      page that expands on the little "What is Vim?" blurb on the front page.

      * index.html
      - huge file; news; FAQ;

      This page is wildly out of date, in many ways. "Read about some new
      features of vim-5.4!" The news is already incorporated into vimonline.
      Again, though, we need a FAQ on vimonline, probably linked from the main
      page, possibly linked from 'about vim' and/or 'support'.

      * lang.html
      - a list of syntax files and their maintainers/etc

      This page, too, is way out of date. This is rendered obsolete by the
      scripts archive.

      * macs.html
      - news for vim for macintosh

      News alone should mostly cover this. Adding a 'type' field to news items
      and letting users filter on that should entirely cover this.

      * mail.html
      - vim mailing lists

      This is covered by the 'support' page, although 'support' does not list
      some of the more obscure lists. Maybe we should have a 'more lists'
      link to find the non-English language lists, etc.

      * mirrors.html
      - another list of mirrors

      I've covered this topic already.

      * news.html
      * announce/
      - vim news

      This is covered already by vimonline's news feature.

      * newsgroup.html
      - info on USENET posting for vim

      The reference to comp.editors is relatively redundant, although also
      harmless if we want to include that on the support page. Better, though,
      is the list of things to mention when asking for help. (Version, OS,
      etc.) That should be included/linked somewhere on the support page.

      * options60ae.txt
      - a list of settable options

      The user's manual covers this.

      * orga.html
      - information about the domain vim.org; maintainer, email addies, etc

      Redundant, especially if vim.org will point to vimonline.

      * pics.html
      * pics/
      - banners, buttons, and screenshots

      Screenshots are already covered by the Why Use Vim? page.

      Banners and buttons should go under our 'About Vim' page, or under an
      'Advocacy' or 'Community' section. (Community could also contain the IRC

      * prayer.html
      - Pater Noster for Vim

      I don't know; we could include this somewhere. It strikes me, like the
      101 addiction signs, as not being particularly useful or funny. Maybe
      under 'Community' or 'Advocacy'.

      * quotes.html
      - quotes about vi and vim

      This is an amusing page, and belongs under 'Advocacy,' 'Community,' or
      'About Vim.' Maybe we should create a quotes list, like tips and
      scripts, so that excellent / amusing quotes can rise to the top.

      * search.html
      - search engine interface

      We have this already; if we need a more extensive one, we can link to
      google with site:vim.sf.net

      * setup.html
      - Sven's minimal vimrc

      This can be a single tip, or several. It doesn't need its own page on

      * tree.html
      - a site map

      This page is incredibly out of date. We don't really need it, but once
      we decide how to lay out vimonline's expanded content, we'll have one

      * users.html
      - links to pages of other vim users

      This is covered by user info. Users can list their own links to their
      pages there.

      * why.html
      - why use vim?

      We already have this on vimonline.

      * y2k.html
      - is vim y2k safe?

      This is no longer an issue, save for time travellers.

      * faq/
      - a FAQ

      Well, we need to have one current and online. We don't seem to.

      * iccf/
      - info about the ICCF and how/why to give

      vimonline already has this, and it's a link from every page!

      * macros/
      - reserved for a macros archive; actually blank

      vimonline actually implements this as the scripts archive

      * press/
      - vim in the press and in reviews

      This kind of content should be better organized, and on the vim
      'Advocacy' page, or as news items. Or both!

      * refguide
      - the vim user's guide

      We already have this on vimonline.

      -- end --

    • Coen Engelbarts
      ... One thing I could not find there: What does the acronym (?) A-A-P mean? It might be Any Acronym Perceivable , An A-A-P Project , or something similar,
      Message 36 of 36 , Apr 4, 2002
        > It's all explained on the web site: http://a-a-p.org
        > If you still don't get it, I will have to update the web pages...

        One thing I could not find there: What does the acronym (?) "A-A-P" mean?
        It might be "Any Acronym Perceivable", "An A-A-P Project", or something
        similar, like TTP="The TTP Project" from the Dilbert comic, but I'd still
        like to know. ;-)
        Google only brings tons of other AAPs.

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