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Re: [mswin] can't execute :[l]cd after a directory deletion

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Mike Williams wrote: [about :cd d: not working when the default path for d: is invalid] ... For older systems chdir() works just like the MS-DOS cd
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 25, 2002
      Mike Williams wrote:

      [about ":cd d:" not working when the default path for "d:" is invalid]

      > I see this has been fixed in 6.1b, but I am just curious as to why
      > there is a call to _chdrive() in there at all. chdir() is documented
      > to change drive as well, and is supported on all Win32 platforms.

      For older systems chdir() works just like the MS-DOS "cd d:path"
      command: It sets the default path for the drive without changing the
      current directory. You have to do "cd d:" and "cd path" separately.
      I'm not sure if some Win32 systems/compilers still work that way. It
      might be the chdrive() isn't needed. But we can keep it there "just in

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