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RE: Mode-changed dialog box

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  • Robert Webb
    ... Strangely, I can t reproduce this anymore now! ... I m using Win2000, can t speak for other platforms. But I have narrowed it down further. Follow these
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 28, 2002
      Bram replied:

      > > I still have problems with the "Mode changed" dialog box (gvim,
      > > Win2000) that appears when a file changes to/from being read-only.
      > > After saying "Yes" to reload the file, it often jumps back to the
      > > start of the file. Hitting one of hjkl after that redraws the
      > > window showing where the file should be again. Sometimes clicking
      > > the mouse in that window though leaves it at the start of the
      > > file, instead of returning to where it should be. This last thing
      > > seems to happen when the window in question is not the current one
      > > (might be related to having "mousefocus" set).
      > I can reproduce this. Looks like the "topline" isn't updated until
      > the cursor enters the window again.

      Strangely, I can't reproduce this anymore now!

      > > Also, I have "mousefocus" set, but after saying "Yes" above, it no
      > > longer works until after I click in a window. That is, moving the
      > > mouse over other windows doesn't change focus.
      > I don't see this problem. Is this on MS-Windows? I only tried the
      > GTK version on Unix.

      I'm using Win2000, can't speak for other platforms. But I have
      narrowed it down further. Follow these steps:

      - Run gvim -u NONE -U NONE with two windows open.
      - :set mousefocus
      - :autocmd BufRead * set tw=79
      - Now change one of the open files to/from read-only, outside of vim.
      - Go back to the gvim window by clicking on it's title bar or
      clicking on it in the taskbar, ie NOT by clicking in the file
      text itself.
      - Dialog appears about mode changed. Click either OK or Reload.
      - Now move mouse between windows (no clicking). Focus doesn't

      Also, I once had two windows open on the same file. It was a file of
      diagnostics from a program. After running the program again to
      regenerate the file, the file came out much shorter one time. When I
      returned to the gvim window I chose Reload when told the file had
      changed. I then got lots of those ml_get invalid line errors (or
      something like that). I think maybe the window that didn't have focus
      was trying to put the cursor back past the end of the new shorter
      file. Sorry, but I haven't played around with this to try to
      reproduce it, and only saw it once.



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