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Re: Help a couple of weird issues using vim-6.0.93

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  • John Kearney
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 5, 2001
      * Jordan Breeding <ledzep37@...> [011205 06:11]:
      > I am having two issues (one very strange) which are keeping me from
      > using vim-6.0 instead of vim-5.8.
      > The current version I am experiencing problems with is a copy of
      > vim-6.0-8.src.rpm (from RedHat rawhide) which I compiled myself, which
      > is actually vim-6.0.93.
      > The first problem is this: If I start vim with a long command line such
      > as this:
      > ./vim /tmp/aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
      > and then exit with :wq! I get this:
      > 310 root@ledzep /usr/src/redhat/BUILD/vim60/src > bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb" 0L,
      > 0C written
      > The old version of vim I used to use vim-5.8 would only display the
      > "....." XXL,YYC written message if doing a :w or :w! but either wouldn't
      > show the message or would clear the screen AFTER the message when doing
      > a :wq!. I would like to help in whatever way possible to get rid of
      > this bug as it is quite annoying and keeping me from upgrading to
      > vim-6.0.93.
      > The second problem I have is that I compile vim with very few options
      > but do use commandline, statusline, ruler so that I can use the ruler
      > while editing documents. Here is an example of what vim-5.8's ruler
      > looked like (at least the RedHat version):
      > "vim.h" 1637L, 52546C 1,1
      > Top
      > and here is what vim-6.0.93's ruler looks like (again at least the
      > RedHat version):
      > "vim.h" 1637L, 52546C
      > Does anyone know of a way to fix this in the source or even know of a
      > rulerformat= statement that would give me back the vim-5.8 style ruler?

      :h statusline

      > Thanks to anyone who can help me try and fix these issues.
      > Jordan Breeding
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