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Vim version 6.0ar BETA available

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    This is the third BETA for Vim 6.0. There were no big problems in 6.0aq, just the usual small fixes. There are diff files betwen 6.0aq and 6.0ar, if you want
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 12, 2001
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      This is the third BETA for Vim 6.0. There were no big problems in 6.0aq, just
      the usual small fixes. There are diff files betwen 6.0aq and 6.0ar, if you
      want to save some time downloading.

      Two items are still being worked on: Printing and the --remote and other
      client-server commands for MS-Windows. Hopefully these can be finished in the
      coming two weeks.

      Going beta means I'll drastically cut down on including new features. Finding
      and fixing problems is the main work now.

      Major changes

      - Renamed printer options to make them shorter:
      'printerheader' to 'printheader'
      'printeroptions' to 'printoptions'
      'printerfont' to 'printfont'
      'printername' to 'printdevice'
      - In 'printoptions', "mono" is renamed to "syntax". The default "syntax:a"
      uses syntax highlighting only if the printer appears to support colors.

      Printing with PostScript:
      - Improved the support for fonts et al. (Mike Williams)
      - Reduced the size of the produced PostScript file. (Mike Williams)
      - Added 'printexpr', to be able to print to a printer in a very flexible way.
      - ":hardcopy" can take arguments which can be used by 'printexpr'.
      - Added ":hardcopy >file" to be able to produce a PostScript file.
      - Added "duplex", "portrait" and "paper" items in 'printoptions'. Use better
      defaults, so that the default value can be empty.
      - PostScript printing is usable now, it has been enabled by default.

      Win32 OLE:
      - Made "--remote" and "--serversend" work for Win32 OLE version.
      "--serverexpr" and serversend() also work.
      - The Win32 console version can be compiled with OLE support. It can only
      function as a client, not as an OLE server.
      - Removed the OleVim directory and SendToVim.exe and EditWithVim.exe from the
      distribution. Can now use "gvim --remote" and "gvim --serversend", which is

      Other changes

      In the ":version" output, add "/dyn" for features that are dynamically loaded.
      This indicates the feature may not always work.

      Included VisVim/VisVim.mak. Makes it possible to compile VisVim from the
      command line. (Walter Briscoe) Doesn't work yet...

      Added Slovak menu translations. (Martin Lacko)

      Added "-console" argument to vimtutor.bat, to use vim instead of gvim.
      (Yasuhiro Matsumoto)

      Added the command server name to the window title. Now you can see which
      server name belongs to which Vim. Simplified the name from "gvim-001" to

      Use "yes" and "no" for the options in Make_bc5.mak, like in Make_mvc.mak. (Dan

      Added the "quit" command for debug mode: Abort execution.

      Amiga: Added the "-dev {device}" argument to do what "-d" used to do.

      When reading text from stdin and the buffer is empty, don't mark it changed.
      Allows exiting without trouble.

      Also use $TEMP and $TMP to set the default value of 'backupskip'.

      Added the "A" flag to 'guioptions' and added "autoselectml" to 'clipboard':
      automatically copy the modeless selection to the clipboard. Makes it
      possible to get the Vim 5.x behavior back.

      On Windows NT it is possible that a directory is read-only, but a file can be
      deleted. When making a backup by renaming the file and 'backupdir' doesn't
      use the current directory, this causes the original file to be deleted,
      without the possibility to create a new file. Give an extra error message
      then to warn to user about this.

      Added the possibility to include "%s" in 'shellpipe'.

      With the MS-Windows install program, don't let registering or unregistering
      with OLE pop up a message box. Added the "-silent" argument.

      MS-Windows: The big gvim.exe, which includes OLE, now also includes
      dynamically loaded Tcl, Perl and Python. This uses ActivePerl 5.6.1,
      ActivePython 2.1.1 and ActiveTCL 8.3.3

      Added a few checks to avoid ml_get errors when "diff" produces a wrong result
      for some reason.


      Dos32: Typing lagged behind. Would wait for one biostick when checking if a
      character is available.

      MS-Windows printing:
      - Computed the characters per line wrong, was using the vertical pixel size.
      - When not using syntax highlighting, font would be wrong.
      - When not using syntax highlighting, still make the header bold and the line
      numbers italic.

      Win32: Vim.rc didn't compile with MingW. (Ron Aaron)

      Unix: delmenu.vim was not installed.

      GTK: When setting 'columns' while starting up "gvim", would set the width of
      the terminal it was started in.

      if_xcmdsrv.c used memmove(), changed to mch_memmove(). (Roy Levis)
      if_xcmdsrv.c used strtoul(), which is not always available. Removed.

      After using CTRL-R = in Insert mode, XIM would be disabled.

      Athena/Motif: The menuFont resource was used in a wrong way when not using a
      fontset. Did some more fontstruct/fontset cleanup. (David Harrison)

      The diff output file was not closed, causing problems for test 47 on the

      "/\V\$" didn't match end-of-line. "/\V\^" didn't work either.

      When using ESC in Insert mode, an autoindent that wraps to the next line
      caused the cursor to move to the end of the line temporarily. When the
      character before the cursor was a double-wide multi-byte character the cursor
      would be on the right halve, which causes problems with some terminals.

      Didn't handle multi-byte characters correctly when expanding a file name.
      (Yasuhiro Matsumoto)

      Disabled showmode() in gui_w32.c, it may show the mode with a "r" command.

      Win32 GUI: Errors generated before the GUI is decided to start were not

      globpath() didn't reserve enough room for concatenated results. (Anduin

      When using ">G" in combination with a fold expression, the cursor was moved
      one line up.

      When using ":set backupskip+=" a comma wasn't automatically inserted.

      When expanding an option that is very long already, don't do the expansion, it
      would be truncated to MAXPATHL. (Anduin Withers)

      fullpathcmp() was leaking memory on non-Unix systems. (Walter Briscoe)

      GTk: When using mswin.vim, CTRL-C didn't work to copy text when the shell
      interrupt character is also CTRL-C.

      When wrapping is off and 'number' is on or there is a foldcolumn, a narrow
      window could put the cursor in the line number or fold column, and the text
      disappears under it.

      When in debug mode, hitting <Esc> or CTRL-C worked like hitting Enter. Now it
      doesn't do anything, as expected.

      When 'selection' is "exclusive", using "Fx" in Visual mode only moved until
      just after the character.

      When using Shift-Control-Left in Select mode, would only move one character
      instead of a word. When using Control-Left would not stop select mode. Same
      for Right, Home and End keys.

      The file explorer changed the "" register and wasn't very silent. (Mark

      When using an "r" command while lmaps are present, the menu and toolbar were
      disabled. This was distracting and could be slow.

      When reloading a file after it was changed outside of Vim, don't detect the
      file type again. Avoids that a manually set filetype is overruled.

      When editing a compressed file, the title would show it's changed, even though
      it isn't.

      When $LANG is set to "C", using vimtutor would generate a warning message.

      Win32 console: The ":intro" command put the more prompt on top of the warning
      for Windows 95.


      WARNING: This is an unstable version. Many things have been added without
      proper testing. It does crash. It may destroy your work. New features may
      change incompatibly in the next version.

      If you run into something that doesn't work, please try to figure out why,
      try to solve it and send me a patch. If you can't do that, at least let me
      know how exactly to reproduce the problem.

      More info about the new 6.0 features with ":help version6".

      If you don't like the syntax of a command, the name of an option or how the
      new features work, let's discuss this in the vim-dev maillist.

      You can find Vim 6.0 here: ftp://ftp.vim.org/pub/vim/unreleased/

      unix/vim-6.0ar.tar.bz2 sources + runtime files, bzip2 compressed
      unix/vim-6.0ar-rt1.tar.gz runtime files part 1
      unix/vim-6.0ar-rt2.tar.gz runtime files part 2
      unix/vim-6.0ar-src1.tar.gz sources part 1
      unix/vim-6.0ar-src2.tar.gz sources part 2
      unix/vim-6.0aq-6.0ar.diff.gz diff between 6.0aq and 6.0ar

      extra/vim-6.0ar-extra.tar.gz extra files
      extra/vim-6.0ar-lang.tar.gz multi-language files
      extra/vim-6.0aq-6.0ar-extra.diff.gz extra diff
      extra/vim-6.0aq-6.0ar-lang.diff.gz multi-lang diff
      doc/vim60arhtml.zip help files converted to HTML

      pc/gvim60ar.exe self-installing, includes runtime files
      pc/vim60arrt.zip runtime files
      pc/vim60arlang.zip extra files for translated messages and menus
      pc/gvim60ar.zip GUI binary for Windows 95/98/NT/2000
      pc/gvim60arole.zip GUI binary with OLE support
      pc/gvim60ar_s.zip GUI binary for Windows 3.1
      pc/vim60ard16.zip 16 bits real mode - works on any system
      pc/vim60ard32.zip 32 bits protected mode - needs 386 and DPMI
      pc/vim60arw32.zip console version for Windows NT/2000/XP
      pc/vim60arsrc.zip sources for PC (with CR-LF)

      amiga/vim60arrt.tgz runtime files
      amiga/vim60arbin.tgz binaries
      amiga/vim60arsrc.tgz sources packed for Amiga

      os2/vim60arrt.zip runtime files
      os2/vim60aros2.zip binaries

      Happy Vimming!

      Yesterday is history.
      Tomorrow is a mystery.
      Today is a gift.
      That's why it is called 'present'.

      /// Bram Moolenaar -- Bram@... -- http://www.moolenaar.net \\\
      ((( Creator of Vim -- http://vim.sf.net -- ftp://ftp.vim.org/pub/vim )))
      \\\ Help me helping AIDS orphans in Uganda - http://iccf-holland.org ///
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