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Re: Patch for dosinst.c (install.exe)

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  • Walter Briscoe
    In article of Wed, 30 May 2001 13:44:15 in !vim-dev, Jonathon Merz writes ... The logic in
    Message 1 of 3 , May 31, 2001
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      In article <3B153F7F.3030703@...> of Wed, 30 May 2001 13:44:15
      in !vim-dev, Jonathon Merz <jmerz42@...> writes
      >Daniel Einspanjer wrote:
      >> Hey guys.. this is my first time to play with vim60 (or any vim from src for
      >that matter.. :) so if I am doing something wrong, please don't be too upset,
      >and please let me know.
      >> I just got everything built and installed on my system, but the Ole
      >registration failed because on this system, I went ahead and kept the icky
      >windows standard of "C:\Program Files" instead of installing programs to a
      >smaller dir like "C:\bin". (I have that to, but it's mostly just for unix
      >> I went into the dosinst.c file and added some quotes and it registered fine.
      >The is only a four character fix, but here is the diff just in case it is
      >to deal with.
      >> --- begin diff ---
      >> 1574c1574
      >> < sprintf(register_command_string, "\"%s\\gvim.exe\" -register",
      >> ---
      >>> sprintf(register_command_string, "%s\\gvim.exe -register", installdir);
      >> --- end diff ---
      >Oops, that's my fault. Thanks for catching and fixing it!
      >I looked through some of the rest of the code that I'd been working with and
      >found that there are also no quotes around the paths in shortcut creation. In
      >WinNT at least, this does not matter, as Windows seems to assume quotes in
      >appropriate places when dealing with shortcuts. Does anyone know whether that
      >can be counted on in all flavors of Windows, or should I run through and throw
      >some quotes in to be safe?

      The logic in install_bat_choice() at about line 940 seems to work.
      I am sorry I did not pick up this bug. I had had a space in %VIM% but
      removed it as it was just too inconvenient.

      I am not happy with the user interface of the OLE registration. The DOS
      session loses focus to display the success message and focus is not
      returned thanks to those wonderful people from Redmond.

      Later: I have looked at the code and see the behaviour is due to a "gvim
      -register" call. I would prefer to see the code in install.exe (as
      well?) to avoid the incoherence of the interface.
      Walter Briscoe
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