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Re: Filetype and colorscheme problems

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  • Thore B. Karlsen
    ... Oh, sorry -- I didn t consider the fact that there might be flags that were independent of did_load_ftplugin and did_indent_on. That s what I get for
    Message 1 of 3 , May 30, 2001
      On Wed, 30 May 2001 13:07:36 +0200, you wrote:

      >> The documentation for :filetype off says that this command will leave
      >> plugin and indent unchanged, but ftoff.vim turns off both of these
      >> regardless.

      >That's not what I see:
      > :filetype
      > filetype detection:ON plugin:ON indent:ON
      > :filetype off
      > :filetype
      > filetype detection:OFF plugin:(on) indent:(on)
      > :filetype on
      > :filetype
      > filetype detection:ON plugin:ON indent:ON
      >Thus the indent and plugin flags do remain on. No file types are detected
      >after ":filetype off", of course. That's indicated with (on).

      Oh, sorry -- I didn't consider the fact that there might be flags that
      were independent of did_load_ftplugin and did_indent_on. That's what I
      get for working late at night and not checking.

      Anyway, in turning off the autocommands this happens:

      >> Not only that, ftplugoff.vim and indoff.vim delete augroups that don't
      >> exist if plugin and indent weren't turned on in the first place, so
      >> maybe the au! commands should be moved inside the if exists() clause to
      >> prevent error messages.

      >What sequence of commands leads to error messages?

      Simply ':filetype off'.

      I get this:

      Error detected while processing .. ftplugof.vim:
      line 11:
      E216: No such event: filetypeplugin *
      Error detected while processing .. indoff.vim:
      line 11:
      E216: No such event: fileypeindent *

      >> Also, try the evening colorscheme now. It worked in 6.0ag, but not in
      >> 6.0ah. The background color isn't set.

      >It works fine for me. Any idea why it doesn't work for you?

      Hmm.. I thought it was related to the changes made to the file, but I
      see now that the problem is that there's no rgb.txt. I didn't install
      the extra package when I compiled 6.0ah, because there's nothing in
      there that I ever use except for VisVim.dll, and I already had a copy of

      Perhaps rgb.txt should be distributed in the runtime archive, since the
      colorschemes make use of it?

      Sorry about being so vague, I'm working late at night because I can't
      sleep. I had to hurry up when writing that mail because my wife can't
      sleep with light from the monitor. That's why I tried to use the evening
      colorscheme, to dim it down a bit. :)

      "By the time we've finished with him, he won't know whether
      he's Number Six or the cube root of infinity!"

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