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Vim version 6.0ae ALPHA available

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    The usual bunch of changes and fixes. I tried to finish the items that change translated items. This should be the last big bunch of changes for the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 2001
      The usual bunch of changes and fixes. I tried to finish the items that change
      translated items. This should be the last big bunch of changes for the

      Major changes

      Added runtime/macros/less.vim: Vim script to simulate less, but with syntax
      highlighting. It's not good enough to function as a less replacement though.

      Added ID to many error messages. Will make it easier to find help for them.
      Especially when they have been translated.

      The Syntax menu is now pre-generated by a separate script. Makes loading the
      menu 70% faster. This can halve the startup time of gvim.

      Other changes

      Removed expandpath(), globpath() does the same (and without the bugs).

      ":highlight clear" now resets highlighting back to the default colors.

      The aliases for 'encoding' names has been changed to remove the aliases for
      encodings that are similar, like cp932 and shift-jis.

      Only add the Edit.Keymap menu when there are keymaps.
      Finished updating the menus with settings. Moved the font selection to the
      Edit menu, together with the other settings. Added accelerators.

      Folding: Allow moving around in Insert mode without opening folds. Open fold
      when typing something or when "insert" is included in 'foldopen'.

      Made the 'toolbar' option work for Athena and Motif. Can now switch between
      text and icons on the fly. (David Harrison)

      Added argidx() function: Current index in argument list.

      Added Command-line completion for ":colorscheme".
      Added "default" color scheme, so that users can go back to this and use it as
      an example.

      Allow setting 'browsedir' to the name of a directory, to be used for the file
      dialog. (Dan Sharp)

      Make 'cindent' use 'comments' a bit better. (Meikel Brandmeyer)

      Make it possible to translate the dialogs used by the menus. Uses global
      "menutrans_" variables. ":menutrans clear" deletes them.

      Support "CursorIM" for XIM. (Nam SungHyun)

      Can use ":browse" for ":diffpatch".
      In diff mode: show filler lines below the last line of the file.
      Added a test for the "diff" program working and producing the expected output.
      Otherwise you just end up with no differences without a warning.

      Use ":setlocal autoread<" to go back to using the global value for autoread'.

      Updated po files for message IDs with a script. (Matt Dunford)

      UTF-8: Added a check for non-printable and zero-width characters. They are
      displayed as <xxxx>. Sending them to a utf-8 terminal would have
      unpredictable results.

      When giving the ATTENTION message and the date of the file is newer than the
      date of swap file, give a warning about this.


      - "o" on a line with {{{ and }}} created a new fold.
      - Setting 'foldlevel' from a modeline could cause a crash. (Nam SungHyun)
      - When inserting the foldmarker {{{ the new fold would be closed. Now always
      open a fold at the cursor after inserting a character.

      Athena used INT_MAX, which isn't available on all systems.

      When using ":normal" and the characters at the end are the start of a mapping
      would not return those characters.

      X11 GUI: gui_mch_menu_set_tip() could be used when it was not defined.

      Win32 GUI: In diff mode, dragging the scrollbar didn't update the scrollbound

      When using multi-byte characters in a menu and a trailing byte is a backslash,
      the menu would not be created correctly. (Muraoka Taro)
      Using a multibyte character in the substitute string where a trail byte is a
      backslash didn't work. (Muraoka Taro)

      The code for ":match" highlighting could cause a crash.

      - Didn't compile, balloonEval wasn't defined in option.c.
      - Removed C++ style comments from integration.c.

      Don't include the encoding name for the keymap menu entries.

      When trying to preserve files and exit cleanly for a caught deadly signal, the
      check for the stack limit could cause using a regexp to fail. Reset the stack
      limit when using the signal stack.

      ":set syntax=ON" didn't work, ended up with no syntax highlighting.

      When setting "t_Co" in a vimrc file, then setting it automatically from an
      xterm termresponse and then setting it again manually caused a crash.

      ":hi clear" didn't undo menu and scrollbar coloring for Athena and Motif.

      When redirecting stderr but not starting the GUI, the messages were never

      With a vertically split window, one with 'rightleft' set and scrollbinding
      active, scrolling caused wrong characters to appear.

      When getting the value of a string option that is not supported, the number
      zero was returned. This breaks a check like "&enc == "asdf". Now an empty
      string is returned for string options.

      Crashed when starting the GTK GUI while using 'notitle' in the vimrc, setting
      'title' in the gvimrc and starting the GUI with ":gui". Closed the connection
      to the X server accidentally.

      Virtualedit: (Chase Tingley)
      - Made 'a', 'A', 'i', 'D', 'C', and 'R' work correctly in virtualedit mode.
      - Made 'R' not insert spaces immediately, but wait until characters are typed.
      - Fixed behavior of 'r' and 'R' when used on the first character of a tab.
      - Made 'R' break tabs correctly when they are encountered later in the line.
      - Fixed obscure bug with 'wrap' and 'virtualedit' that allowed movement

      Athena and Motif: When changing the toolbar color, reload the pixmaps to set
      their background color.

      Had to hit return after selecting an entry for ":ts".

      The message from ":cn" message was sometimes cleared. Now display it after
      redrawing if it doesn't cause a scroll (truncated when necessary).


      WARNING: This is really an unstable version. Many things have been added
      without proper testing. It does crash. It may destroy your work. New
      features may change incompatibly in the next version.

      This version is for developers, thus it comes as source code only.
      If you run into something that doesn't work, please try to figure out why,
      try to solve it and send me a patch. If you can't do that, at least send me
      precise information to save me time.

      More info about the new 6.0 features with ":help version6".

      If you don't like the syntax of a command, the name of an option or how the
      new features work, let's discuss this in the vim-dev maillist.

      Lots of things are not working yet. Check ":help todo" for known items.

      I NEED YOUR HELP: There is still a lot of work to be done. If I have to do it
      all by myself it will take a very long time until Vim.6.0 is ready. Please
      give a hand by implementing one of the items in the todo list.

      You can find Vim 6.0 here: ftp://ftp.vim.org/pub/vim/unreleased/

      unix/vim-6.0ae-rt.tar.gz runtime files
      unix/vim-6.0ae-rt.tar.bz2 same, compressed with bzip2
      unix/vim-6.0ae-src.tar.gz sources
      unix/vim-6.0ae-src.tar.bz2 same, compressed with bzip2

      extra/vim-6.0ae-extra.tar.gz extra files
      extra/vim-6.0ae-lang.tar.gz multi-language files

      Happy Vimming!

      A meeting is an event at which the minutes are kept and the hours are lost.

      /// Bram Moolenaar -- Bram@... -- http://www.moolenaar.net \\\
      ((( Creator of Vim -- http://vim.sf.net -- ftp://ftp.vim.org/pub/vim )))
      \\\ Help me helping AIDS orphans in Uganda - http://iccf-holland.org ///
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