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Re: contextual gf

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    ... includeexpr is new in Vim 6.0. It s still in alpha testing though. ... Hmm, if the mail arrives it should work. Perhaps the address in the From line
    Message 1 of 7 , Mar 1, 2001
      horos wrote:

      > > This works for the commands that look for an included file with
      > > 'includeexpr'. Using 'includeexpr' also for 'gf' (when it doesn't work
      > > without modification) would be a solution.
      > hmm. I didn't see anything about includeexpr in the docs. Or for that matter
      > suffixesadd. Were they things that were added post-5.7? Maybe an example
      > might help, too.

      'includeexpr' is new in Vim 6.0. It's still in alpha testing though.

      > > > pps -- for some reason, my posts aren't making it to the list from my
      > > > other address (edwardp@...). Could someone check to see
      > > > what's going on/ if I am being accidentally dropped?
      > >
      > > You can only send messages to the list from the address where you
      > > subscribed. Unfortunately you don't get a warning now. I have asked the
      > > maillist maintainer to make it send a reply to you to let you know the
      > > message was refused, but apparently this still doesn't work.
      > well, the thing is, I *am* subscribed in both places. And I get mail in both
      > places. But the only messages that get through are from this address.

      Hmm, if the mail arrives it should work. Perhaps the address in the "From"
      line or the "Return-path" is different? You could try unsubscribing and
      re-subscribing again. Otherwise send a message to vim-dev-help@... to
      find out more.

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