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Re: X11 GUI i18n

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    ... You can t use -char when you want to insert the character with the 8th bit set, like it s done now. You don t want to insert the anyway, thus
    Message 1 of 8 , Mar 1, 2001
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      Andrew Rodionoff wrote:

      > [...]
      > >> I've also included new option 'metaesc', aimed to make GUI Vim send
      > >> <esc> before Meta-modified key, like xterm does. This one supposed to
      > >> solve a problem of entering Meta-modified 8bit chars.
      > BM> There are a few problems with this:
      > BM> - An extra option. Would be better if meta keys work the same way always.
      > BM> - Using <M-x> in mappings won't work when 'metaesc' is set.
      > I see your point. I guess the whole meta-key recognition can be rewritten
      > to use <Esc> as a prefix. I know at least one editor that use similar
      > approach, it's John Harper's Jade.

      You can't use <Esc>-char when you want to insert the character with the 8th
      bit set, like it's done now. You don't want to insert the <Esc> anyway, thus
      it would only be for mappings.

      > BM> - Using an ESC causes trouble in Insert mode, it's not normally used for
      > BM> special keys in the GUI.
      > It's a matter of setting 'esckeys' option. It can be force-set when
      > 'metaesc' is being set.

      I don't like side effects like this. The GUI uses CSI to avoid this mixup of
      the <Esc> key and special keys using <Esc>. I want to keep it that way.
      There already is a special code for prepending a modifier to a character, I
      don't see why a new mechanism is needed.

      > BM> It's not clear what problem this option is trying to solve.
      > I guess I speak English like Two Conkers from Discworld Noir do :) It's
      > apparently a problem of i18n. When one is typing 8-bit (I mean 8th bit on)
      > text, he can't use Meta-combos to trigger macros. Meta-modified key and
      > actual keysym just appear to be the same.

      You mean that when you have a character for which the 8th bit is already set,
      the META modifier can't be noticed? Well, that should be solved by putting a
      META modifer code before the character. It's quite simple to change the code
      for this. I'm not sure if mappings with <M-x> (where x is a character with
      the 8th bit set) work right away, please check that in the next version.

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