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Re: bug with error format %p^

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    ... Vim can t know how many spaces to strip. I think the only solution is to work with tabstop set to 8. Yet another reason to keep tabstop at the
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 1, 2001
      Benoit Cerrina wrote:

      > there seems to be a bug in the way vim handles the %p^ errorformat,
      > at least there is inconsistant behavior when using javac due to the compiler
      > expanding tabs to spaces at the start of a line.
      > this is my line of code:
      > <TAB><TAB>java.lang.reflect.Method lMethod = _BEAN_CLASS_.getMethod(iName, iParamTypes);
      > this is the output of javac:
      > C:\dev\NewGen\src\com\dassault_systemes\NewGen\PersistAttributeNodeBeanInfo.java:57: cannot resolve
      > symbol
      > symbol : variable iName
      > location: class com.dassault_systemes.NewGen.PersistAttributeNodeBeanInfo
      > java.lang.reflect.Method lMethod = _BEAN_CLASS_.getMethod(iName, iParamTypes);
      > ^
      > notice that javac expands the tabs to 8 spaces, I have ts=4 and this leads
      > to a differenctial of 8 in the column number and the %p^ incorrectly
      > computes error line.
      > possible correction would be to strip the leading tab and spaces for column
      > computation.

      Vim can't know how many spaces to strip. I think the only solution is to work
      with 'tabstop' set to 8. Yet another reason to keep 'tabstop' at the standard
      value of eight!

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      get the solution within a day.

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