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Re: Vim IDE

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  • Gordon Prieur
    ... ktohg@tritarget.com using -f ... You haven t looked far enough then. Sun s Visual WorkShop development environment allows users to select gvim, vi, xemacs,
    Message 1 of 7 , Jan 2, 2001
      >Date: Tue, 02 Jan 2001 10:29:52 -0500
      >From: Devin Weaver <ktohg@...>
      >Subject: Re: Vim IDE
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      >On Fri, Dec 29, 2000 at 07:21:42PM -0500, Andrew Freeman wrote:
      >> > > A while back there were discussions of integrating Vim into an IDE.
      >You CAN'T!!! Well actually you could but I've yet to see a single IDE
      >orientated person even give a damn about using a custom text editor.
      >You see Any company of person (That I know of) who builds an IDE
      >just can't conceive you using anything else.

      You haven't looked far enough then. Sun's Visual WorkShop development
      environment allows users to select gvim, vi, xemacs, emacs, or nedit as
      their editor in the ide. The integration is fairly good too. The editor
      shows breakpoints, compiler errors and other important information with
      glyphs in the editor. It also supports control of the ide from a toolbar
      in the editor (mostly debugger icons but also a few others).

      All the features added to vim for this ide support were given back to
      vim.org and are in the 6.0 alpha releases. They features were done so
      they could be used with any ide which wanted to use vim/gvim as its

      See ":help debugger" for more detail about the ide features and how to
      compile them into your vim.

      Gordon Prieur

      >Besides every person I've ever asked who used an IDE said "That is the
      >editor! What are you talking about alternate editor? That pulldown you
      >get for package completion is the text editor!"
      >For fscking sake people, I want to
      >My code darn it!!!
      >[... The rest of this thought was unintelligible and included many
      >whines and cries. It has been removed for every ones safety ...]
      >> Bram Moolenaar wrote:
      >> > And while we are at it, also add a window for reading news.
      >> > And a HTML viewer would be useful too. And... This never stops! :-)
      >> Okay, that apparently was not expressed the way I meant it.
      >> Yes, I agree with you that there is a limit to what Vim should have
      >> directly integrated in to it.
      >> Vim _is_ a text editor after all not an Emacs. ;)
      >Oh yes and with the new plugin features... Oh but wait corporate will
      >never go for that idea! To think a 867,820 KB program that edits text!
      >We better add e-mail, HTML viewer... Remember corporate loves stupid
      >things. Oh and don't forget the dancing happy face when the following
      >code is entered in:
      > try
      > {
      > [...]
      > }
      > catch (Exception e)
      > {
      > throw new GenericException
      > ("You'll never get a Stack Trace now! Muahahaha!");
      > }
      >[... Please! Someone shoot this boy before the sarcasm kills us all! ...]
      >> What I was trying to suggest is that we could develop a _script_ that
      >> provides a basic IDE window, not that Vim itself should be the IDE.
      >Yes yes! I like that idea. Ooo, what about the pulldown Menes? hmm
      >Yes we could use tag completion, Oh wait :set wildmenu makes it
      >better! So all that's needed is the package management, and build
      >management. Oh wait Ant and make do build management. And all packaging
      >is is directory structure. So all in all if we have a wrapper program that
      >has a cutesy interface, some wizards, and some program templates. Then
      >use Ant or make for the build process (We could even integrate VIM's
      >quickfix feature). Have it build proper tag files... Yes yes this
      >could work.
      >Now wait, doesn't all those 1,000 IDE's out there do this already? Oh
      >yeah, you can't use alternate editors. Gods, talk about reinventing the
      >> I was thinking that this would be at the very, very least an interesting
      >> experiment with what could be done with folding, and plugins.
      >> It was just a thought. Shoot it down if you wish.
      >Personally I like the thought of challenging all those who shun me for
      >using the command line. Teach them I'm just as powerful if not more!
      >If you got time to work on that idea all the more power to ya! Mail me
      >if you need help with ideas I'd love to help.
      >[.. OK the author of this email is done with his freak show. Your
      >topic announced, you may discus ...err, I mean, flame as you wish ;-) ...]
      >Just about every computer on the market today runs Unix, except the Mac
      >(and nobody cares about it).
      > -- Bill Joy 6/21/85
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