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Clipboard - some questions

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  • Alexander Wagner
    Hi! Currently I m working on an implementation of clipboard access on OS/2 Warp. Some of you may remember my last comment on this issue that this
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2000

      Currently I'm working on an implementation of clipboard
      access on OS/2 Warp. Some of you may remember my last
      comment on this issue that this doesn't really work as I'd
      like to have it, and vim doesn't support the * register on
      OS/2 till now. Unfortunatley I'm relly no C-guru, so I'd
      need some help from the people who know the source a bit
      better than me...

      Well, I run into some probelms as I don't get the calling
      mechanisms for the functions you use in vim. As far as I
      understand it I have to define the following functions


      which should be called from within ui.c. Additionally I
      think the first two are only used for vim to see internally
      if * is representing the current clipboard or not. That is
      in my case I'd tell vim "no it's not the actual contents get
      it again" as I don't own the clipboard for my own and any
      app could change the contents. This is to my understaning
      done like in windows, so these functions are pretty simple.
      The _own_ function just returns a FAIL, the _lose_ function
      does nothing at all.

      Ok, so far so good. Now, as far as I
      understand the other sourcefiles refering to the clipboard
      (os_win32.c e.g.) the _request_ function should write the
      contents of the system clipboard to the * register and do
      nothing else, all other functions are done within ui.c and I
      don't need to care about them. _set_ on the other hand
      should write the current contents of the * register to the
      system clipboard. Is this correct so far?

      Now I tried to simply write a static string to * and the
      clipboard respectively to see if the calling mechanism works
      at all. But it obviously does not. :( What would I need to
      do for vim to see my functions? The compiler and linker are
      happy with my declaration, so at least they see the functions
      and resolves them, but vim doesn't even call them. (I added
      some printf() to the functions which obviously never get's

      To fill the registers or read the registers I came to the
      conclusion that I should use

      clip_yank_selection(type, str, len) -> copies string str of
      type and length len to the * register

      clip_get_selection() -> fills the current selected text
      nto the * register


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