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Re: mouse_gpm doesn't work

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    ... You must have compiled with dec mouse support. It indeed doesn t make sense to let ttymouse default to dec , especially since it doesn t have any
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 1 2:16 AM
      Johannes Zellner wrote:

      > Here's what I found.
      > 1) If I use in my ~/.vimrc:
      > if !exists('$WINDOWID')
      > " unset ttymouse
      > set ttymouse=
      > endif
      > it works. The problem is os_unix.c:2237: the gpm is only
      > opened, if ttymouse is empty, but for some strange reason,
      > ttymouse=dec if I'm on a console (and either TERM=linux or
      > TERM=screen). Is it necessary for ttymouse to default to
      > `dec' for some reason? -- If not, I'd suggest for ttymouse
      > to default to the empty string instead.

      You must have compiled with dec mouse support. It indeed doesn't make sense
      to let 'ttymouse' default to "dec", especially since it doesn't have any
      effect. Only when 'ttymouse' is "xterm" the dec mouse support is disabled
      (because the codes conflict with the xterm ones). An empty 'ttymouse' is
      sufficient for that.

      I'll remove the default value of 'ttymouse'. Only when using an xterm (-like)
      terminal it will default to "xterm" or "xterm2".

      > 2) With screen it doesn't work. This is a problem of libgpm.
      > I patched libgpm to work together with screen. I attached
      > the patch for those who are using screen on the console.
      > The patch applies to the latest libgpm-1.19.3. There's
      > one problem with this: If you're using multiple screened
      > shells /on one vt/, using the mouse on one of the screens
      > acts (e.g. drags) in a running vim session on another
      > screen. I think there's no way to solve this.

      Did you send this to the screen maintainers?

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