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Re: folding support like indent and settings

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    ... The idea for a fold directory, like how the indent directory is used, has popped up before. There are a few differences: - Indent files only depend on
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 12, 2000
      Salman Halim wrote:

      > i have a number of fold files for vim 6h and i keep them in a subdirectory
      > called 'fold'. they work much like the indent and settings subdirectory; i
      > was wondering if there was a good way of having something along the lines of
      > 'fold.vim' inside the $VIMRUNTIME directory which works just like
      > settings.vim and indent.vim except for fold files. . . as well as perhaps a
      > filetypefold augroup?
      > i'm thinking of duplicating the 'au FileType' line inside settings.vim to
      > also source files from the fold directory. . . (this works.)

      The idea for a "fold" directory, like how the "indent" directory is used, has
      popped up before. There are a few differences:

      - Indent files only depend on the language, they should work for
      everyone editing a certain type of file (well, ignoring preferences
      for a certain style...).
      - Not everybody wants folding for every file type for which it's
      available, but perhaps for some file types only.
      - For the same file type different kinds of folding could apply: With
      markers or without for example.

      Therefore it's less obvious that a distributed "fold" directory, with fold
      files for different languages, should be used.

      If you want folding for some file types, you can drop the fold-script in a
      filetype-plugin directory (new name in next version):


      I think that's the easiest solution: Let the user copy those folding files he
      wants to use. No need to add a command to the vimrc file.

      We could distribute useful folding scripts with Vim, but I don't think they
      should be used automatically.

      > i fear i don't subscribe to vim-dev, so if responses could kindly be sent to
      > my regular email address: salman@....

      How did you manage to send the message then...?

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