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Re: a strange idea

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  • Zdenek Sekera
    (...back from vac...) ... [...] ... Forgot to suggest taking a looong coffee before you re done ... :-) [...] ... Yes (most things do) and yes (nothing can
    Message 1 of 6 , Sep 4, 2000
      (...back from vac...)

      Thomas Köhler wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I just made up my mind about arrays and such... well.
      > We don't need to implement them in vim's scripting language if there's a
      > good way to simulate them.


      > Add, Remove and Delete maniplate the according function (hey, this is a
      > tricky bit of vim scripting, using exec and such), and you're done.

      Forgot to suggest taking a looong coffee before "you're done" ... :-)

      > Would this make sense? Better ideas?

      Yes (most things do) and yes (nothing can replace a real array syntax,
      look at
      any scripting language worth looking...)

      > (I just wanted to hear some comments

      You've got mine...:)

      > before I even think of starting to
      > implement this)

      I've played with similar ideas a lot (as other people did).
      I have an array implemetantion written exclusively in vim functions (any
      number of indices, any index can be either a number or a string (Korn
      calls those associative arrays)), it works but is slow.
      No, I am not trying to solve a system of linear equations with it, just
      applications for tables and such.
      That's why I am sceptical.
      Can't beat a clean array syntax IMHO. Idem (and more) for readability.

      Good luck!

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