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Re: possible syntax coloring bug

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  • Ulf Jaenicke-Roessler
    Hi, ... IIRC, it did not help to switch the bold attribute in the terminal emulation. And AFAIK, the bold blue on white was only enabled char-wise for all
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 2, 2000

      Bram Moolenaar wrote:

      > Ulf Jaenicke-Roessler wrote:
      > > Until recently I used VIM5.0 quite the same way I wanted to use VIM5.7 now:
      > > On Windows98, telnetting with TeraTerm Pro to an IBM workstation with AIX
      > > 3.x. With VIM5.0 I just needed to set t_Co, t_AB and t_AF and got the
      > > colours. In order to use a similar setup as in X (where I have a light
      > > background and need set background=light) I inserted set background=dark
      > > (of course, light is the default, but I use dark colors in TeraTerm: light
      > > gray chars on black). This made no difference with 5.0, but with 5.7 I did
      > > not get the usual colors. Instead, I had bold blue characters on white
      > > background, some (still light gray) chars were underlined, other (light
      > > gray) chars were not changed at all (staying on black background).
      > The bold effect can be explained. Many terminals use a lighter color when the
      > bold attribute is set (since they can't show bold characters).

      IIRC, it did not help to switch the bold attribute in the terminal
      emulation. And AFAIK, the "bold blue on white" was only enabled char-wise
      for all chars that would have another color. The plain light gray chars on
      black would never change (according to my actual color settings). It
      includes, for example, all comments.

      The underlining happened (only) in the very last line of the screen (the
      status area), where VIM prints "File changed and not yet written" and
      thing like that. *This* could be found in other terminal emulations as
      well (also with set background=light), even color ones (e.g. a `tektronix'

      While I'm describing the effect on the `tektronix' terminal, I tried to
      find differences with set background here. I have a white background and
      VIM5.7 shows with background=light cyan, blue and black chars on white
      for this mail, depending on the citation depth. If I use background=dark,
      all non-black colors get bold cyan, black chars stay black. This is
      probably the "bold" effect you mentioned.
      However, VIM5.7 handles this terminal very much better than VIM5.0 did.
      Syntax highlighting was very instable and :syn off did not work as expected
      with the older version (it left me with all chars cyan - nearly unreadable
      on white). So - good work! :)

      > I don't understand the underlining. This would only be used for black&white
      > terminals. Perhaps the order in which 't_Co' and 'background' are set
      > matters?

      Well, this is something I'll try as soon as I'll be back from my official
      journey and will have access to Win98/Teraterm.

      > And ":syntax on" should be last.

      Yes, this is the last command.

      > You can check the colors used with ":highlight". Or use the script
      > $VIMRUNTIME/syntax/colortest.vim and hitest.vim

      I'll try that too, as soon as I'll be back. Colors normally work fine
      when I use ESC AnsiSequences or ls --color.

      And remember, I did not change anything in my configuration (neither for
      the terminal nor in .vimrc) between VIM5.0 and VIM5.7.

      On the other hand this is most probably closely related to the terminal
      emulation TeraTerm or `tektronix' (see above), since the problems do
      not occur when using Linux telnet for example. However, I want to
      stick to TeraTerm, since it is a free telnet program and I'm used to
      it. Unfortunately, the author does not respond on inquiries. I had another
      problem (which is not VIM related, cause it occurs with other editors like
      joe and if telnetting to other OS's too), when I paste a couple of lines
      (more than 3 or 4 usually) it keeps pasting parts of this text for ever
      (until I kill it).

      Best regards,

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