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Re: Vim dev: Would this be a good "feature"?

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  • Tim
    Sorry, haven t been in town. Hmm, since Vim can t maximize to be full screen, there really isn t a need for a marker, like you said. The border will be the
    Message 1 of 4 , May 6, 2000
      Sorry, haven't been in town.

      Hmm, since Vim can't "maximize" to be full screen, there really isn't a need
      for a marker, like you said. The border will be the marker.

      I was imagining a situation where we can get Vim to be full screen, and say,
      the full screen has 180 columns. I want my Vim windows always to have 80
      columns. Thus, if the split is right down the middle, there are 10 extra
      columns. Thats why I asked for a visual marker...

      However, if you can't do that - ie, can't maximize the vim screen - then its
      not required.

      > You can already resize the window by setting the 'columns' option. That
      > works in an xterm. Don't know how it will work with a vertically split
      > window: Should 'columns' be the columns in the window or the columns of
      > screen? Probably the screen, since 'lines' also works for the screen and
      > the window.

      By "screen" i'm assuming you mean the entire Vim window (like with 'lines').
      But, this is a little tricky.

      What if columns was 80, and someone did a vertical split? Then, would vim
      have two buffers 40 columns wide? I dunno if thats good.

      Maybe there can be a wincolumn which is the number of columns per window,
      and column is number of columns Vim occupies.

      So, if:
      wincolumn = 80
      columns = 160

      then vim will be 80 columns if there is no verticle splits, and vim will be
      160 columns if there is.

      hmm, but that doesn't work out that nicely...what if the user vertical
      splits 3 times?

      hmm, what if the columns is the maximum columns Vim will expand to. So, in
      the case above, if 3 windows are vertically splitted, then each window will
      have < wincolumns.


      > You might as well start off with a 161 column Vim, split it vertically in
      > and use only one window. That would look the same as setting a column to
      > the text at. You have 80 unused columns in both situations.
      > > Maybe we can even add an option which will resize vim so that it takes
      > > the full screen space.
      > Vim has a problem to compute the available screen space, minus the window
      > decorations, menubar, toolbar, etc. This is best left to the window
      > Although it would be nice if we have a Vim command to do the same as
      > that "whole screen" icon in the window decoration.
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