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X11 clipboard - possible way forward

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  • Neil Bird
    I tihnk I understand this enough now to propose a proper solution; unfortunately, it s not especially simple. The *simple* solution is to always write to the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 6, 2000
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      I tihnk I understand this enough now to propose a 'proper' solution;
      unfortunately, it's not especially simple.

      The *simple* solution is to always write to the X CLIPBOARD selection at
      the same time as writing to the PRIMARY one (as is currently done). That
      requires X11/Xmu/Atoms.h to be included in the relevant file, two calls to
      claim the selection where there's currently one and for vi mto be linked
      with -lXmu.

      That solution ought also to check both upon pasting, but it becomes
      non-trivial then (i.e., I don't know enough to do it!). You'd probably
      need to check for Xmu in configure as well.

      This way solbes most communication issues, but I don't think it's

      The trickier, more correct way, would be to map "* to the CLIPBOARD
      selection completely *instead* of the PRIMARY selection - this basically
      makes the "clipboard" definition of "* correct.

      But the tricky bit is then to claim & set the PRIMARY selection to that
      that vim thinks *is* selected (i.e., VISUAL/SELECT mode). The reason I
      think that might be a bit tricky is because I don't think that that area
      of text exists in a separate section in the same way as the section of
      text held in the "* register is, so it'd be difficult to keep track of it
      as far as informing X is concerned - I may be wrong.

      The current options to allow automatic setting of the CLIPBOARD (i.e.,
      "* register) upon a selection (by key/mouse/etc.) would still be valid and

      All this really does is export vim's concept of the highlighted section
      of text to X (as PRIMARY) as well as vim's CLIPBOARD.

      This method also, however, requires a two-phase 'paste' - use PRIMARY if
      available, else use CLIPBOARD.

      The use of X11's permanent stores, CUT_BUFFERn, I think, ought to be
      tackled as a separate issue, if at all, since now I understand it, they're
      not really relevant; only xterm seems to use them.

      It might be a noce idea, as someone suggested, to have an X-only option
      to map registers a-h to CUT_BUFFER0-7, but I'm not really certain how much
      use that really would be in practise (really only for people with
      over-complicated xterm cut'n'paste (!) and vims in different xterms on
      different machines to talk to each other in complex ways).

      So. Any takers? :-)

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