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Re: french translation

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Andy Kahn wrote: [About Marcin Dalecki s patch] ... I would say we only need to support GTK 1.1.16 and later. For Vim 5.6 GTK 1.0.x might still work, but it s
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 23, 2000
      Andy Kahn wrote:

      [About Marcin Dalecki's patch]

      > - support for gtk+-1.0.x has been removed. Although I support this in
      > the long run (the "long run" being when the next version of gtk is
      > released, and thus the current version (1.2.x) is made the "old"
      > version), there's no reason to do this now when a lot of existing
      > systems still have gtk+-1.0.x installed.

      I would say we only need to support GTK 1.1.16 and later. For Vim 5.6 GTK
      1.0.x might still work, but it's getting more difficult to keep it working.
      Marcin's patch is for Vim 6.0, I don't think supporting GTK 1.0.x is still
      needed for that.

      > I also skimmed through Marcin's ChangeLog.GTK file... it has some
      > rather, uhh, rude remarks, as well as fairly vague descriptions of the
      > problems that are fixed.

      Well, you probably know Marcin's way of writing by now... Please keep your
      mind on the technical matters!

      > Has Marcin disappeared from the list? It would have been a lot more
      > helpful if he sent his patch out to the vim-dev list for public
      > scrutiny/review.

      He is not on the list, and doesn't intend to subscribe. I'm a bit surprised
      myself that he did any work on Vim after the comments het got some time ago.
      I'm hoping his contribution will help Vim make progress.

      Which parts of the patch go in and what doesn't depends on what people, like
      you, say about it, and if I understand what it's doing. This will take a
      while (I want to concentrate on folding first, and hold off most other patches
      until most of that is done).

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