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77603Buggy "gj" behavior with breakindent and showbreak

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  • Nazri Ramliy
    Aug 27 7:32 PM
      Here's how to reproduce it in an 80-column terminal:

      $ vi --version|head -2
      VIM - Vi IMproved 7.4 (2013 Aug 10, compiled Aug 27 2014 13:10:11)
      Included patches: 1-417
      $ echo $COLUMNS
      $ vi -u NONE -U NONE -c 'exec "normal 6i\<tab>\<esc>31Aa\<esc>A a"' -c
      'set breakindent showbreak=\> ' -c 'normal ^'

      The cursor is now placed on the first "a" character on the first line,
      preceeded with 6 tabs, and we can see that the last "a" character is
      breakindent-ed with ">" showbreak character on the "virtual" line due
      to the breakindent. So far so good.

      Here's the bug: Pressing "gj" in normal mode should move the cursor to
      the virtual line below but in this case the cursors jumps to the end
      of the first line instead.


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