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76165Re: Regression: Change mark '[ at end, not start of first line after gq.

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  • Christian Brabandt
    Apr 24, 2014
      Am 2014-04-24 13:39, schrieb Ingo Karkat:
      > Hello Vim developers,
      > my plugins' automated test suite found another regression. When
      > reformatting lines with gq{motion}, the start of change mark '[ does
      > not
      > point to the start of the first line [0, lnum, 1, 0] any more, but
      > instead to after the end of the original first line [0, lnum,
      > len(getline(lnum)) + 1, 0].
      > As gq processes entire lines, the start of the change should indeed be
      > at column 1, as it used to.
      > This scriptlet shows the discrepancy:
      > :call setline(1, ["\t\tO sodales, ludite, vos qui", "attamen
      > consulite per voster honur. Tua pulchra facies me fay planszer
      > milies"])
      > :1normal! gqj
      > :echo getpos("'[") " Should yield [0, 1, 1, 0], but gives [0, 1,
      > 29, 0].
      > Using the attached scriptlet, I've bisected this to the following
      > patch:
      > ,----[ bad change ]----
      > | 7.4.178 the J command does not update '[ and '] marks
      > `----
      > I still see this in the latest 7.4.264 (HUGE build) on Linux/x64.

      Yes, previously, the join command wouldn't update the '[ and '] marks.
      Now it does.
      That is causing your regression. I look into it.

      BTW: What kind of regression tests are you doing? Could that be used
      to extend the unit-test functionality in the testdir/ directory of Vim's


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