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75673Re: Issue 183 in vim: "[[2;2R" printed in messages area on BufEnter shell command

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    Mar 18 7:39 AM
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      Comment #3 on issue 183 by yunchi...@...: "[[2;2R" printed in
      messages area on BufEnter shell command

      I have a similar issue (I think) in my setup. I use iterm2 on Mac to ssh
      onto my ubuntu desktop, where I then use tmux with iterm2-tmux integration.

      Here if I try to open vim with any file, a sequence that ends in ";2R" is
      received by VIM as input and I end up in replace mode. The repro steps
      above produces this consistently for me. I have a slightly simpler case
      that this also happens for.

      1. Add the following to example.vimrc

      set nocp
      au BufEnter * set ignorecase
      2. Run vim -u example.vimrc

      Interestingly, for me, this happens only when vim is opened, not when I
      open new buffers.

      Do you think this a bug with VIM or a bug with the terminal emulator?

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