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75659Re: Support for termcap %e and %c

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Mar 16, 2014
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      Celelibi wrote:

      > > What makes you think that %e and %c are the shifted next/previous page
      > > keys? The termcap manpage says:
      > >
      > > kN Key for next page
      > > kP Key for previous page
      > >
      > > %c shifted next key
      > > %e shifted previous key
      > >
      > > "next key" and "next page" are different. Perhaps it's just a
      > > coincidence that %c and %e contain the codes? Officially there are no
      > > entries for the shifted next/previous page keys.
      > Yes, you're right. But I don't think it's a coincidence that xterm
      > produce ^[[5~ for Prior or KP_Prior and ^[[5;2~ for Shift+KP_Prior. I
      > think xterm just do the most sensful thing it can. Since there is no
      > termcap for "shifted previous-page" it send "shifted previous" with an
      > escape sequence that is nothing else than the escape sequence for
      > "previous-page" with shift modifier.
      > - Maybe what I should ask is that vim treat the "previous" key as an
      > equivalent of "previous-page"? Or at least a way to tell vim that I
      > want them equivalent whatever the modifiers it may encounter.
      > - Or maybe that it loads ALL the termcap in the t_* options? And that it search for a termcap that match the FULL escape sequence before trying to parse the modifiers and search for the modifier-less version?
      > What I mean for the second suggestion is that when I :set t_%e=^[[5;2~
      > then <C-K>^[[5;2~ make vim print <S-t_%8>. While %e is in the
      > termcap/terminfo file.
      > What really happen is not really clear in my head. Neither is the
      > design of vim. I'm therefore a bit confused about the right way to go.

      Since the terminal emulaters do more than what termcap/terminfo support,
      Vim has some extensions. See :help xterm-modifier-keys.
      But this only works for the builtin xterm codes out of the box. You
      could do this:

      if $TERM == "screen"
      set t_kP=<1b>[5;*~
      set t_kN=<1b>[6;*~

      Give it a try. We could perhaps add plugin files for various terminals
      so that it works out of the box.

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