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75368Re: Issue 28 in vim: out of the box, gVim 7.3.46 for Win32 cannot write swap files on Windows 7

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    Feb 21, 2014
      Comment #14 on issue 28 by fritzoph...@...: out of the box, gVim
      7.3.46 for Win32 cannot write swap files on Windows 7

      If you do this (all by itself with no other changes) in your _vimrc, and
      your _vimrc is getting sourced, then it should work for you:

      set directory=.,$TMP,$TEMP

      But you say this does not work? What does ":verbose set dir?" tell you? It
      should point to expanded directory names. Note that C:\TEMP and C:\TMP do
      not exist on a default Windows 7 install, so if you still had the manual
      setting of $TEMP and $TMP in your _vimrc when you set your directory, that
      would have failed.

      Also, have you tried installing a Vim version >= 7.4.112? That is the
      version which fixed this particular issue (by making the defaults for 'dir'
      and 'bdir' include the temp directories).

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