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74256RE: improving Vim - Kickstarter - brainstorming - goals - who wants to join?

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  • Konovalov, Vadim
    Nov 26, 2013
      > From: vim_dev@... On Behalf Of Michael Jarvis

      > On Monday, November 25, 2013 7:26:42 AM UTC-6, MarcWeber wrote:
      > > I've been complaining about Vim related issues for a long time,
      > > I think its time to stop complaining and just fix it.

      > > The idea is to create a kickstarter project to funding all work.
      > > IMHO Vim is worth keeping alive, and that means we must find a way
      > > to move Vim into the future.
      > >
      > > If this requires writing a new language, because C lacks abstracktions,
      > > and C++ is complex, then that's the task to be done IMHO.

      Sounds naïve.
      Does the idea have something brilliant in it that makes it different from
      a dozen of already failed projects in this list -



      > Personally I think that rewriting in a new language would mean that it's not
      > Vim any more. If you want to create a Vim-like IDE, written in another
      > language, with more functionality, then it would be a new product. Maybe
      > call it Vim++, or SuperVim, or something similar, but it should be a fork of
      > Vim and not a total rewrite of the current editor.

      I add that it would be *yet another* fork, without a chance to reach code stability even, IMO.


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