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74239Re: improving Vim - Kickstarter - brainstorming - goals - who wants to join?

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  • Marc Weber
    Nov 25, 2013
      Excerpts from tux.'s message of Mon Nov 25 16:54:11 +0100 2013:
      > Marc Weber schrob am Montag, 25. November 2013 um 14:26 Zeit:
      > > - focus on productivity
      > That's what Vim does.
      Let me give you a use case: Integrating 'sbt' into Vim.
      sbt is the simple build tool for scala. It takes quite long to startup,
      thus its best to reuse a process, and only send new "compile now"
      requests to it.

      While writing vim-addon-sbt I had to restart Vim (kill it!) over and
      over again, because I couldn't abort the python loop.

      And that didn't feel very productive.

      Vim "as texteditor" is great, but seriously grepping many files neither
      is productive, because either you have to wait till grep is done, or you
      have to abort by ctrl-c (in which case you don't get anything in
      quickfix). You cannot start inspecting results while grep is still
      running. Yes - I could start a background grep, then when ready use
      :cfile. But that requires "switching task in mind" - which is not

      I've written vim-addon-async which ideally could "do such interactive
      grepping", but its to slow for small cases due to whatever
      implementation issues. I don't want to write yet another hack for a hack
      for a hack. The core problem to adress is: Make Vim be aware of running
      processes, and allow Vim to add items to quickfix in realtime so that I
      don't have to depend on "external C applications depending on
      client-server depending on ...".

      Maybe those are uncommon use cases.

      Marc Weber

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