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74236improving Vim - Kickstarter - brainstorming - goals - who wants to join?

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  • Marc Weber
    Nov 25, 2013
      I've been complaining about Vim related issues for a long time,
      I think its time to stop complaining and just fix it.

      Join by providing feedback:

      or adding additional issues to be fixed here:

      The idea is to create a kickstarter project to funding all work.
      IMHO Vim is worth keeping alive, and that means we must find a way
      to move Vim into the future.

      If this requires writing a new language, because C lacks abstracktions,
      and C++ is complex, then that's the task to be done IMHO.

      This project makes me think we might have success:

      Thus if you're either a developper or a user who wants to help join and
      tell me what you want to work on - even if its "testing new features you
      care about" only.

      Goals are:
      - focus on productivity
      - code reusage

      I consider refactoring viml a key thing, eg creating a viml library
      which contains the interpreter only.

      If you'll help me with this I'll be working on Vim related topics the
      following month, otherwise I'll get any alternative job.

      I feel I've hit a border meaning some core items must be fixed in order
      to improve even further, and most people cannot afford dropping out of
      job and work 8 weeks on Vim.

      The work will be
      - defining goals
      - fixing them

      This work might end
      - in rewriting huge parts
      - introducing threading (python, ruby ctrl-c does not work)
      - have your whatever beloved interpreter as standard interpreter
      - add js support (v8)
      - compare with Yzis
      - think about whether gobjectIntrospection interface can be used to
      share work on interfacing with interpreters in the future.
      - maybe introducing a new higher level language which is friendly to C
      and less complex than C++ - yes, sry - I consider C to be a problem
      because its hard to share code, eg reuse the syntax highlighting from
      within JS and so on.
      - ..

      Of course if you think "vim is great the way it is" (I agree)
      and if you think "nothing should be changed" I tend to disagree.

      If you don't receive much feedback I'll try the kickstarter project
      adding features I think are most useful to start with.

      Marc Weber

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