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74232Re: [PATCH] Subpixel rendering artifacts in GUI mode

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Nov 24, 2013
      Thomas Tuegel wrote:

      > I recently discovered a graphical glitch that occurs sometimes in GUI
      > mode. If the GUI is using subpixel rendering, characters may leave
      > artifacts in their neighbors' cells after being erased. I discovered
      > this in the GTK+2 frontend, but it could be a problem in any GUI,
      > though it's highly dependent on a system's subpixel rendering
      > configuration, the font used, and probably some other variables I
      > haven't even considered.
      > I am sending a patch which corrects the issue by redrawing the
      > characters immediately to the left or right of any updated character.
      > This is the approach already taken with bold characters, which have
      > the same problem. I merely extended the treatment of bold characters
      > to apply to any updated character whenever Vim is in GUI mode.

      Is there a reliable way to know if this is needed? Redrawing more for
      all GUIs seems overkill. e.g. on Windows it would not be needed, right?

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