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74226[PATCH] Subpixel rendering artifacts in GUI mode

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  • Thomas Tuegel
    Nov 24, 2013

      I recently discovered a graphical glitch that occurs sometimes in GUI
      mode. If the GUI is using subpixel rendering, characters may leave
      artifacts in their neighbors' cells after being erased. I discovered
      this in the GTK+2 frontend, but it could be a problem in any GUI,
      though it's highly dependent on a system's subpixel rendering
      configuration, the font used, and probably some other variables I
      haven't even considered.

      I am sending a patch which corrects the issue by redrawing the
      characters immediately to the left or right of any updated character.
      This is the approach already taken with bold characters, which have
      the same problem. I merely extended the treatment of bold characters
      to apply to any updated character whenever Vim is in GUI mode.

      Thomas Tuegel

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