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73610Re: New tab visualization

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Oct 13, 2013
      Pragm B. wrote:

      > Hello everyone,
      > I have been wanting this feature as well, so I made a patch.
      > The way it works is as follows:
      > - an option, called "ntab" (for "new tab", or "end tab") is introduced within "listchars". It can be set like this: "ntab:1" or "ntab:y" or "ntab:Y" and unset with "ntab:0" or "ntab:n" or "ntab:N".
      > - when "ntab" is off [default], things behave as they currently do
      > - when "ntab" is on, the first character of "tab" is repeated, and the last character is mandatorily put.
      > This means that "tab:->,ntab:1" will show a tab that takes four spaces as "--->" and a tab that taks 1 space as ">".
      > I attach the patch with this e-mail.

      Thanks, I'll add it in the todo list.

      Is Pragm B. your full name?

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