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73469Re: Patch: formatoptions in ftplugins

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  • Ben Fritz
    Oct 1, 2013
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      On Tuesday, October 1, 2013 12:04:06 PM UTC-5, David Barnett wrote:
      > Even if the language syntax mandates maximum line lengths, you probably don't want to force +t. This will insert line breaks even in the middle of string literals, and it's a pain for users to figure out what happened, undo the bad linebreak, then fix the long lines properly. It would be better to find a syntax-aware method of breaking long lines, or failing that, leave it up to users. Anyway, the default is 'tcq', so forcing +t won't do anything except fight with users who have explicitly disabled it.
      > I've seen lots of HighlightLongLines hacks floating around, and they're all brittle (e.g., they don't catch updates to &textwidth, and they don't cooperate well with other syntax files). It would be nice if vim officially supported something for it in addition to &colorcolumn (e.g. highlighting ONLY long lines so you can give them a screaming red color and not make other lines look ugly). Then if it's truly part of the standard, you have options to bake that into the built-in files.

      I once used a variant of this:


      which would fire on autocmds (I think it was WinEnter and CursorHold) to re-apply the highlight based on textwidth.

      But then colorcolumn was introduced and I got rid of it.

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