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73452Re: Patch: formatoptions in ftplugins

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  • Gary Johnson
    Sep 30, 2013
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      On 2013-09-30, David Barnett wrote:
      > I've found the built-in ftplugin files are all over the place with
      > respect to handling 'formatoptions'. Some ftplugins don't touch
      > it, many clobber useful user preferences. I put together a patch
      > that batch-changes the ftplugin files to stop clobbering anything
      > that might be a user preference.

      I'm sympathetic to the problem, but I think your patch is not going
      to succeed.

      The procedure for changing a plugin is to first propose the change
      to the plugin's author, whose contact information can be found at
      the top of the plugin.

      > The 'o' and 'r' options determine whether to automatically insert
      > the comment leader when starting a new line after a comment line.
      > I want +o -r everywhere, but most ftplugin files force +croql, so
      > I have to fight with them by creating after/ files to force -r
      > again. These weren't per-filetype settings and should have been
      > left alone. Same for 'l'.

      Interesting. I much prefer having 'r' all the time and never 'o'.
      In any case, this is what I've put in my ~/.vimrc (after the
      :filetype command) to fix the 'o' problem. No need for a huge
      number of tiny after files.

      au FileType * setlocal formatoptions-=o
      " Override any filetype plugin's attempt
      " to set the 'fo' 'o' option.


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