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73430Re: [BUG] Two :silent! bugs: silencing exception disables :try/:catch and it does not work for :throw

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Sep 28, 2013
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      ZyX wrote:

      > Try sourcing the following script
      > function Fu()
      > throw 1234
      > endfunction
      > silent! call Fu()
      > try|let b=au#xxx()|catch|echomsg v:exception|endtry
      > . After you source it with “vim -u NONE -N -S script-name.vim” you will see
      > Error detected while processing /tmp/zshubfJ7j:
      > line 5:
      > E117: Unknown function: au#xxx
      > E15: Invalid expression: au#xxx()|catch|echomsg v:exception|endtry
      > while expected to see just
      > Vim(let):E117: Unknown function: au#xxx
      > . If you replace “let b=au#xxx()” with “throw 1234”
      > exception is caught as expected.

      Apparently some flag is set that is not reset as expected.
      The exception handling is complicated.

      > Also note that “:silent! throw 1234” does not silence the exception.
      > Note: while :try/:catch does not work after you experienced this
      > problem you still may use :redir to get error messages silenced with
      > :silent!.

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