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73406Re: [RFC] Script line numbers in error messages

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    Sep 26, 2013
      On 26 September 2013, Nikolay Pavlov <zyx.vim@...> wrote:
      > There one inconvenient thing in error messages: they come with line
      > numbers relative to the function start. This means to see the line
      > that caused the error you either need to use :fu or find function name
      > in a file (and file is only seen with :verb fu), be sure you open all
      > folds contained in a function and use 12j for line 12.
      > I suggest to add the following information to the error message: file
      > where function was defined and line number in this file. Proposed
      > format:
      > Error detected while processing function Error
      > defined in /tmp/error.vim, line 3: script line 4:
      > line 1:
      > E492: Not an editor command: error
      > . This additional line will not be present if function was not defined
      > in a script and "script line 4:" part will not be present if function
      > was defined inside :execute.

      Since you ask: I completely agree with your statement of the
      problem. I have somewhat mixed feelings about your suggested solution
      though. The way I see it, something like this might be a better choice:

      Error detected in "/tmp/error.vim", line 4, in function s:Error():
      E492: Not an editor command: error

      (please note the human-readable name for a local function). This could
      be achieved if all functions would keep track of where they came from,
      and local functions would keep track of their names. The name of the
      script might be replaced by "stdin", or "exec", or some other best
      effort attempt to make sense if the function doesn't come from a script.

      As far as I can tell, this is all information that is actually
      useful for debugging, and I'd say it would largely cover all common
      situations. This approach would fail if the script a function came from
      got deleted, or has changed since Vim read it, or aything similar, but I
      don't think anybody would realistically care about that case.

      In particular, I can't think of any reason to keep around the
      line numbers relative to the start of the function, at least not for
      functions that came from scripts.


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